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That’s me and my dog in a head collar due to his sugery. OMG I hate that cone thing and so does he. He is constantly bumping into things, walking into doors, scrapping the ground with it when I walk him, rubbing it all over the fire hydrants and tress where other dogs have peed. YUCK! He refuses to pee or poop with that thing on.  I am tired. Haven’t had much sleep, have spent too much money at the vet and am crossing my fingers the insurace people won’t give me too much trouble with reembursing me. OMG help!


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So Ashamed

That’s right. Because I have been on a shopping spree like it’s going out of style. I bought some nice things for myself. Unnecessary, but nice. Okay, fine it’s a handbag. It was on 50% off from a nice brand. It’s nice and shiny and so cute! It will go with everything I have. And what did they say about having nice bags? That you only need one? Or a few? I will not be buying one for a long long time now. I had been eying it for a year! A year! And, that was not enough! I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond. You know the rest. It’s impossible to walk out of that store without spending loads of money.


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Yup. Very exciting, isn’t it? I just paid $264 on a vet bill for my dog. He got his yearly shots and on top of that he had to get his blood works done because he has to go into surgery to remove growth from his eyelid because it’s pushing into this cornea. I really hope his insurance will cover most of it, and not try and give me a hard time about it saying it’s cosmetic and not necessary. I am going to take some picture of it before it gets removed just to make sure that I have a picture of it and shows how its pushing into his eyes. Poor boy is going to have to wear a cone around his head for 10-12 days, which he’s never had to do until today. I wonder how he’s going to take it.

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While I have gotten good at keeping track of where I am spending my money, I can’t quite say with certainity that I have been good at budgeting. While I can see by comparision where I spent more money a particular month and tell myself “self, you spent way too much money in this particular category”, I haven’t been able to say this: “self, you went over your budgeted amount for grocery and hence must eat out of the larder until the next budget cycle begins”. Why? Because I will simply let myself go over the budget. Keeping track of money is all well and good, but how good is it when you can’t stay within the budget?

I would welcome any suggestions on how you guys stay under the budget. Thanks!

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Bad half of July and August

I have been very bad at keeping track of where I spend my money lately. I need to shape up! But a lot has been happening that has taken most of my attention. There has been a whole lot of changes at work. You would think I would be careful about my money even more now, but I have been on a shopping spree! Time to stop! I have also been very bad at bringing my lunch. This can’t keep happening! On top of it all, I can’t remember where I spent $114.39!! Isn’t that horrifying?

Back to budgeting!!

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I have been MIA. A lot has been happening in the humble world of smartypants. I will update some time this week.

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