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What I am have (** why is it that as I am writing the sentences, I am saying it in my head in grammatically correct terms, but it comes out all wrong in the end?) noticed in my daily tracking of spendings is that routine helps. I had been doing so well the 1st half of the month. I was bringing my lunch everyday, I always had leftover or quick food in my fridge, as a result of which, my spendings went down. Well fast forward to a few days later, when midterm, due date for projects and too much to do at work all hit at the same time, I had no time to cook, shop or bring my own lunch. I also had to pay extra for doggie walker to come walk my dog because I would not be going home early due to several meetings with classmates to work on our project.

Well now, I am sitting here looking at my money situation and it’s not looking very good. BF is visiting this weekend from out of town. I would like to keep my spendings to the minimalest possible. However, I am looking at my grocery budget and I have mere $30 left in it!! It’s very important that I stock up my fridge because we have a tendency to eat out a lot when together. I am trying to avoid that at all cost this time around. I have a spend money set aside of $100. I might have to dip into that to cover the food cost. I was planning to buy some wall frames at the new Ikea to hang some pictures on my hallway, which now might just have to wait.

On yet another bad money news, I received the cheque from my old 401K people to rollover to the new one. Need I say anymore? I feel like the timing could not have been worse. I had to roll it over possibly at the worst time possible. Very depressing!


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Disciplining Myself

Yes I have sat down and figured out how much I have spent over the course of the month. Some of the shoppings I could have gone without. But the remaining, I will be using a lot. It had been a long time since I had actually indulged on any nice shopping for myself. So in a way, it was long time coming. Now I am back on track and won’t be going overboard. I have budgeted on paper for different criteria I will be needing to spend on until the end of the month and the remaining money I have already put away to savings. I want to have a 20% down payment plus some extra living expenses ready in a few years time to buy myself a house. If I buy it alone, it will take me about 4 years time to be ready, and if I buy it with somebody and if that somebody is willing to go 50/50 with me on it, I think it should happen in 2 years time. I am a big fan of charts and graphs and as dorky as it sounds, I like to create several scenarious and look at what my graph looks like.


Maybe I will post them one of these days. In other news, classes have started as of 2 weeks ago and soon I will be busy with school work. But I plan to blog everyday from now on to keep track of how I spend & save money. I figure if I take 10 minutes at the end of the day to jot down here my spendings of the day, it will be helpful for me to be on top of my spendings. It’s hard to remember what you spend your money on after a week if you didn’t use debit card and used cash. At least I find it so. It might be a bit boring to read how I spent a dollar fifty on my coffee etc, but I will try and keep it fun.

Today’s spending:

(I woke up too late to make my own coffee or pack my lunch. I need to start packing my lunch the night before)

  • Breakfast and coffee:$3.50
  • Lunch: $6.99
  • MidDay Coffee:$1.87
  • Long sleeve shirts and camies to wear under:$24.00 (Boy it’s getting chilly out)
  • Dog Collar for my dog: $14.09
  • Laundry: $6.25
  • Paper Towels:$2.15

TOTAL : $58.85 (yikes!!)

Things to do today:

  1. Laundry (Did 2 loads of clothes. Need to do bed sheets tonight)
  2. Finish self assigned reading on 2 topics for career advancement (Read 1 topic. I will get better at this gradually)
  3. Star thinking of ideas for the class project (Sort of, but not really)
  4. Pack lunch for tomorrow (A big fat NO. ugh!)

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Facing the music

Well, I made myself sit down and go over my mad woman spending over the course of the month. It doesn’t help that due to job switch, my pay checks are all over the place due to different pay schedule. I used to have a fixed amount transfered to my savings every 2 weeks, but now I can’t even do that right now until I figure out exact details of the pay checks. Very frustrating.

I just really want to get back in track and stop spending anymore. Some of the spendings were necessities such as vet bill and school. I should be getting most of the vet bill back (fingers crossed) from the insurance company. My work and my scholarships pay for most of my schooling, but I still had to pay almost 1K this semester. But I should be getting back that too now because they cancelled one of the classes I am taking which was a 4 credit class and I have to take a 3 credit class instead. Hence the refund.

But on the non necessary items, I have gone really overboard. I bought two purses. Two! One just wasn’t enough? But I love them! A dress for a wedding I had to go to and some shoes and cosmetics. I also have been eating out a lot in spite of having purchased a really fancy schmancy fuzzy logic rice cooker thinking I am going to cook for myself every single day. I know, I am horrible. I need an off button on me to stop all this nonsense. This behavior is not me! I have been possessed!

I need to stick to a budget very seriously. I made a budget for myself this evening. This is what it looks like. Of course there are some categories where there won’t be expenses every single month. For eg: School, Toiletteries, Clothes etc. In such a case, the money would go towards debt or savings or other categories if they are over budget(which I plan not to do).

Click on the image for a bigger view.

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Yup. Very exciting, isn’t it? I just paid $264 on a vet bill for my dog. He got his yearly shots and on top of that he had to get his blood works done because he has to go into surgery to remove growth from his eyelid because it’s pushing into this cornea. I really hope his insurance will cover most of it, and not try and give me a hard time about it saying it’s cosmetic and not necessary. I am going to take some picture of it before it gets removed just to make sure that I have a picture of it and shows how its pushing into his eyes. Poor boy is going to have to wear a cone around his head for 10-12 days, which he’s never had to do until today. I wonder how he’s going to take it.

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While I have gotten good at keeping track of where I am spending my money, I can’t quite say with certainity that I have been good at budgeting. While I can see by comparision where I spent more money a particular month and tell myself “self, you spent way too much money in this particular category”, I haven’t been able to say this: “self, you went over your budgeted amount for grocery and hence must eat out of the larder until the next budget cycle begins”. Why? Because I will simply let myself go over the budget. Keeping track of money is all well and good, but how good is it when you can’t stay within the budget?

I would welcome any suggestions on how you guys stay under the budget. Thanks!

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Bad half of July and August

I have been very bad at keeping track of where I spend my money lately. I need to shape up! But a lot has been happening that has taken most of my attention. There has been a whole lot of changes at work. You would think I would be careful about my money even more now, but I have been on a shopping spree! Time to stop! I have also been very bad at bringing my lunch. This can’t keep happening! On top of it all, I can’t remember where I spent $114.39!! Isn’t that horrifying?

Back to budgeting!!

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