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What is in store for me in 2009?

Scary, isn’t it? Especially with the way the economy is. I think I have resisted blogging lately because there a lot of things I am not happy about. Especially with my career. Blogging about it only makes them too real and I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle it. Also, what are the options that I really do have with the economy the way it is? Lately, (well actually for the past few years) my workplace has begun to feel like the good ol’ boys’ club. I never seem to get opportunity to work on interesting projects. It’s so humiliating almost to say it, but I feel like they don’t value me for the potential I have. I work in a small group where my superiors are mostly men. I work in a technical field and I feel constantly in the shadow of people who are probably more knowlegeble than me. It doesn’t help that I haven’t had the opportunity to break out of this shadow. I am frustrated and feel like I am not reaching my potential. However I have stuck to it since I am in grad school and company is helping me pay for school. Now I am in my last semester and they have started to pull the bs on how much they are going to pay. Thank god it’s my last semester. So what after it? I need to build my confidence so that I can go out after my graduation and find a better job. Will I be able to live up to the expectation? Will I really be able to do things on my own and not be in the shadow anymore? Those are all scary thoughts, but something I must deal with. NOW.


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I won’t know for at least a month whether or not I will get the job that I want so much. Argh! I will try and not obsess about it. *try*

Wall street woes is scary. It all comes down to people buying crap that they can’t afford and greedy banks approving their loans. Yes a house, bought if one can’t afford it is crap too. I have heard stories of people making 60K being approved for million dollar homes. Does that make any sense? NO! Egad!

I mean I have already lived through the dot com collapse. There should only be one financial collapse in a person’s life time at the most. Any more than that is just not fair. Okay?

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What have I been upto?

Yes I have been MIA. Been horrible at blogging even though I constantly kept saying I was going to blog more often. But I haven’t, have I? No excuses, just plain old distractions and laziness. But I am glad it’s almost the end of the month, and I can start fresh in October. August and September have been horrible months for me in terms of spending. What with vet bills, school payment (both of which I should be getting back soon, but haven’t yet), wedding to go to, dress to buy for the wedding, eating out, my finances just went downhill. But I wait eagerly for the new month because I will start fresh and get my financial house in order.

I don’t want to jinx myself but I have been in an interview. If I get it, it’s going to be an opportunity of a lifetime for me. It will be a lot of work, but I will be learning new things and working in a great field. It’s also scary because I have been at the same job for a long time (with slight changes in company organization). It’s so easy to get comfortable in a position and be stuck. That’s what has been happening to me at my current position. I am not challenged enough.  So please keep your fingers crossed for me!

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