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How long has it been?

Very long, indeed! I have been a horrible blogger! This semester has been particularly horrible in terms of time management. Every weekend I have had to meet with my teammates to work on our project. Which is still not finished by the way, and it’s due Wednesday! I can’t wait for this semester to be over! The world has really changed a lot since the time I blogged last! We will soon have a new president.(Yey!!). We are now officially in a recession (Ugh!). I also have had a short trip to Europe with the BF. England and Paris! Paris was wonderful. I was very impressed with myself that I could hold my own speaking whatever little French I know. I have had a lot of French friends and they have been very friendly. However I have heard of how snooty they can be when you are visiting their country. And I got first hand experience of it the very moment I set my foot in France. This lady at the ticket booth was impossible. She demanded that I speak French to her! I mean, Hello! Since when did French become the “official language” of the world? However I could speak a little and I did. The trip went very nicely after the 1st few rude encounters with Parisians. After that everything went smoothly. I want to go back again, SOOOON!

In other news – the job that I wanted so badly, they have deferred it still further!! I meant it’s been more than 6 months since I applied for that position. I mean if they hated me, they could just say “no, you are not a good match”, right? Which they haven’t. I don’t even want to think about it.

I haven’t looked at my 401K portfolio in the longest time. I seriously have heart burns just thinking about it. I wanted to be debt free by now. However, the trip to Europe set me back a little. I have now about $2,500 in debt with 0% APR until April. I don’t know if I should work on paying that off first or save a bit more in my EF. Suggestions? The times are scary. I also want to be debt free asap, but I also want a bigger EF.

Anyway, I plan to blog more regularly starting next week. I have noticed blogging makes me more motivated towards personal finance.


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