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A weekend update

So the weekend was not as bad money spending wise. We only ate out once. That’s pretty good for us. I did end up doing a little shopping at the new Ikea. More fun was taking the free water taxi there – not to mention in the middle of a rain storm! When we finally decided we had enough of browsing around aimlessly in the aisles of Ikea, we were glad to know that we only barely made it back to the city. Our water taxi was the last one to leave Ikea for the night because they shut down the harbour. Now that I think of it, having to spend the night in Ikea might not be so bad. 🙂

I am a bit under the weather though. I have that achey, beginning of a fever/cold feeling. All I want to do is lie on my bed and watch TV.


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Weekend Update

I always plan to do so many things on the weekend, but when weekend comes around, I am too lazy to do them. Basically I have sat on my you know what and watched movies most of this weekend. Can you believe tomorrow is Monday already? I can’t. I need an extra day just to recover from not doing anything productive over the weekend.

Now I plan to look over a few things that I need to finish for work tomorrow, and then I am going to do a little cooking for the upcoming week. I have a block of hard tofu and some cut up cauliflowers to use up. Perhaps I will make some stirfry, or some variation on curry. I am not sure. I haven’t got any tomatoes I need for the curry paste. I also have a few red potatoes I need to use up. I guess I will be making 2 dishes today and then eating them for the rest of the week. I have 2 classes next week, so already having ready food in the refrigerator will come in handy. No more impulse take out!

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