Much to do

  • Study for the midterm on Monday
  • Work on algorithm problem I am trying to solve(**Update 30%)
  • Bring DVDs to return to library (It was foolish to check them out to begin with. I knew I wouldn’t have the time)
  • Finish reading the book checked out by Friday (**Update No, I returned  it, but then I rechecked it out and now I have until Friday to finish it, if not I will return it and recheck it out again  – oh, the vicious cycle)
  • Organize paper work (Highly Important! **Update 50%)
  • Pilates(**Update Are you kidding?)
  • Check out farmers market on Saturday(**Update NO)
  • Go to Trader Joe’s on Saturday (I need to pick out a wine or two from there for the weekend after **Update NO)
  • Laundry (**Update 50% done. Yes it’s possible to do 50% of the laundry)
  • Clean apartment(**Update NO)

Half way through

Can you believe it? We are half way through Octorber! Time sure flies when you are having fun. Well, not really. I haven’t really been having a lot of fun. Just been too busy. Anyway, good news is that I have been doing real well on tracking my expenses.  I have also gotten over the spending spree I seemed to having over the last few months. I am doing pretty well also on brining my own lunch to work. My next goal is to plan my weekly meals and stick to it. So, without futher delay, even though it’s Tuesday already, here’s my meal plan for the rest of the week.


  • Breakfast: Mini Bagel with Brie, grapes, orange juice, coffee
  • Lunch: Amy’s Mac n Cheese, half an apple
  • Snack: Yogurt
  • Dinner: Curry chicken,rice,sautéd potato sticks


  • Breakfast: Mini Bagel with Brie, oatmeal. half an apple, grapes, coffee
  • Lunch: Whole wheat elbow macaroni Rice with broccoli, peas and cut up soy sausage
  • Snack before class: Yogurt with Granola
  • Dinner: Something light- maybe a whole wheat tortilla with leftover potato


  • Breakfast: Yogurt and Granola, fruits with Gouda cheese
  • Lunch: ??(Not sure what yet)
  • Dinner: Leftover Chicken and rice


  • Breakfast: Mini Bagel with Brie, Fruits
  • Lunch: Fried rice with veggies
  • Dinner: Leftovers, if not cook something for the whole weekend.

As you can see, I am having a little hard time trying to come up with creative menu. I live by myself so once I cook, I have leftover for 3/4 meals. I need to make sure that I am not getting bored with my leftovers. Any suggestions?


The economy! The presidential debates! Sarah Palin! My God, what is this world coming to? Wink* wink* I think I will run for the US presidency.


I won’t know for at least a month whether or not I will get the job that I want so much. Argh! I will try and not obsess about it. *try*

Wall street woes is scary. It all comes down to people buying crap that they can’t afford and greedy banks approving their loans. Yes a house, bought if one can’t afford it is crap too. I have heard stories of people making 60K being approved for million dollar homes. Does that make any sense? NO! Egad!

I mean I have already lived through the dot com collapse. There should only be one financial collapse in a person’s life time at the most. Any more than that is just not fair. Okay?

Yes I have been MIA. Been horrible at blogging even though I constantly kept saying I was going to blog more often. But I haven’t, have I? No excuses, just plain old distractions and laziness. But I am glad it’s almost the end of the month, and I can start fresh in October. August and September have been horrible months for me in terms of spending. What with vet bills, school payment (both of which I should be getting back soon, but haven’t yet), wedding to go to, dress to buy for the wedding, eating out, my finances just went downhill. But I wait eagerly for the new month because I will start fresh and get my financial house in order.

I don’t want to jinx myself but I have been in an interview. If I get it, it’s going to be an opportunity of a lifetime for me. It will be a lot of work, but I will be learning new things and working in a great field. It’s also scary because I have been at the same job for a long time (with slight changes in company organization). It’s so easy to get comfortable in a position and be stuck. That’s what has been happening to me at my current position. I am not challenged enough.  So please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Spending updates


  • Household: $5.29
  • Take out: $17.80

Total: $23.09


  • Clothing: $29.99
  • Clothing Credit: -$33.01
  • Grocery: $24.19

Total: $21.17

Somebody I know went back home and boasted about how they bought a 300K house in the USA. Of course the person forgot to mention how the house purchase works in the US. Now the people back home think that this person actually paid 300K in cash and owns the house out right and now they wonder why yours truly hasn’t achieved something like this? Of course what do they care that where I live, you can’t even buy a toilet in a studio apartment for that amount of money. Forget the house.  Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am kind of pissed off. It’s one thing to buy a house and share the good news with friends/familes,  but to not correct them when people back home think that means he outright owns the house? There is no need to pretend to be such a big shot Donald Trump reincarnated. Whatever! Maybe I am just being a biatch. I don’t really care.

People’s values are different, and ideas of success are different. I find it to be more of a value to me to live in the greatest city in the world and experience life than live in the middle of a nowhere in a “house” and to have to drive everywhere and wear thermal underwears for the 10 months out of  the year. Yup, today is the day I unleash the B* in me.

In money news, I took my loose change to the bank. $27.77. Not bad. So I bought myself some lunch. But I haven’t really got an apetite so I think I will save the half for dinner.

Today’s Spending:

  • Lunch:$6.99
  • Sheet protectors for my project folder:$10.83