Scary, isn’t it? Especially with the way the economy is. I think I have resisted blogging lately because there a lot of things I am not happy about. Especially with my career. Blogging about it only makes them too real and I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle it. Also, what are the options that I really do have with the economy the way it is? Lately, (well actually for the past few years) my workplace has begun to feel like the good ol’ boys’ club. I never seem to get opportunity to work on interesting projects. It’s so humiliating almost to say it, but I feel like they don’t value me for the potential I have. I work in a small group where my superiors are mostly men. I work in a technical field and I feel constantly in the shadow of people who are probably more knowlegeble than me. It doesn’t help that I haven’t had the opportunity to break out of this shadow. I am frustrated and feel like I am not reaching my potential. However I have stuck to it since I am in grad school and company is helping me pay for school. Now I am in my last semester and they have started to pull the bs on how much they are going to pay. Thank god it’s my last semester. So what after it? I need to build my confidence so that I can go out after my graduation and find a better job. Will I be able to live up to the expectation? Will I really be able to do things on my own and not be in the shadow anymore? Those are all scary thoughts, but something I must deal with. NOW.


Happy New Year

Better late than never! I hope all of you have a wonderful year ahead.

Snowed in.

That’s right. I am snowed in. There is so much snow out! It was beautiful before, but now it’s all slush and yuck!
And oh, right! I am DONE with this semester! Over! Until January the 10th. I am relaxing at home, drinking a glass of red wine and watching TV and blogging. My dog is snoring away. Work was horrible today. I am glad it’s the weekend. I have a lot of cleaning to do in my apartment since I haven’t had much time to do proper tyding for a long time. I want to do a deep clean, and give away things that I no longer use to control clutter. I also need to get back on track of saving money. I should be blogging frequently from now on.

2 more days!

Very long, indeed! I have been a horrible blogger! This semester has been particularly horrible in terms of time management. Every weekend I have had to meet with my teammates to work on our project. Which is still not finished by the way, and it’s due Wednesday! I can’t wait for this semester to be over! The world has really changed a lot since the time I blogged last! We will soon have a new president.(Yey!!). We are now officially in a recession (Ugh!). I also have had a short trip to Europe with the BF. England and Paris! Paris was wonderful. I was very impressed with myself that I could hold my own speaking whatever little French I know. I have had a lot of French friends and they have been very friendly. However I have heard of how snooty they can be when you are visiting their country. And I got first hand experience of it the very moment I set my foot in France. This lady at the ticket booth was impossible. She demanded that I speak French to her! I mean, Hello! Since when did French become the “official language” of the world? However I could speak a little and I did. The trip went very nicely after the 1st few rude encounters with Parisians. After that everything went smoothly. I want to go back again, SOOOON!

In other news – the job that I wanted so badly, they have deferred it still further!! I meant it’s been more than 6 months since I applied for that position. I mean if they hated me, they could just say “no, you are not a good match”, right? Which they haven’t. I don’t even want to think about it.

I haven’t looked at my 401K portfolio in the longest time. I seriously have heart burns just thinking about it. I wanted to be debt free by now. However, the trip to Europe set me back a little. I have now about $2,500 in debt with 0% APR until April. I don’t know if I should work on paying that off first or save a bit more in my EF. Suggestions? The times are scary. I also want to be debt free asap, but I also want a bigger EF.

Anyway, I plan to blog more regularly starting next week. I have noticed blogging makes me more motivated towards personal finance.

A weekend update

So the weekend was not as bad money spending wise. We only ate out once. That’s pretty good for us. I did end up doing a little shopping at the new Ikea. More fun was taking the free water taxi there – not to mention in the middle of a rain storm! When we finally decided we had enough of browsing around aimlessly in the aisles of Ikea, we were glad to know that we only barely made it back to the city. Our water taxi was the last one to leave Ikea for the night because they shut down the harbour. Now that I think of it, having to spend the night in Ikea might not be so bad. 🙂

I am a bit under the weather though. I have that achey, beginning of a fever/cold feeling. All I want to do is lie on my bed and watch TV.

What I am have (** why is it that as I am writing the sentences, I am saying it in my head in grammatically correct terms, but it comes out all wrong in the end?) noticed in my daily tracking of spendings is that routine helps. I had been doing so well the 1st half of the month. I was bringing my lunch everyday, I always had leftover or quick food in my fridge, as a result of which, my spendings went down. Well fast forward to a few days later, when midterm, due date for projects and too much to do at work all hit at the same time, I had no time to cook, shop or bring my own lunch. I also had to pay extra for doggie walker to come walk my dog because I would not be going home early due to several meetings with classmates to work on our project.

Well now, I am sitting here looking at my money situation and it’s not looking very good. BF is visiting this weekend from out of town. I would like to keep my spendings to the minimalest possible. However, I am looking at my grocery budget and I have mere $30 left in it!! It’s very important that I stock up my fridge because we have a tendency to eat out a lot when together. I am trying to avoid that at all cost this time around. I have a spend money set aside of $100. I might have to dip into that to cover the food cost. I was planning to buy some wall frames at the new Ikea to hang some pictures on my hallway, which now might just have to wait.

On yet another bad money news, I received the cheque from my old 401K people to rollover to the new one. Need I say anymore? I feel like the timing could not have been worse. I had to roll it over possibly at the worst time possible. Very depressing!

Much to do

  • Study for the midterm on Monday
  • Work on algorithm problem I am trying to solve(**Update 30%)
  • Bring DVDs to return to library (It was foolish to check them out to begin with. I knew I wouldn’t have the time)
  • Finish reading the book checked out by Friday (**Update No, I returned  it, but then I rechecked it out and now I have until Friday to finish it, if not I will return it and recheck it out again  – oh, the vicious cycle)
  • Organize paper work (Highly Important! **Update 50%)
  • Pilates(**Update Are you kidding?)
  • Check out farmers market on Saturday(**Update NO)
  • Go to Trader Joe’s on Saturday (I need to pick out a wine or two from there for the weekend after **Update NO)
  • Laundry (**Update 50% done. Yes it’s possible to do 50% of the laundry)
  • Clean apartment(**Update NO)

Half way through

Can you believe it? We are half way through Octorber! Time sure flies when you are having fun. Well, not really. I haven’t really been having a lot of fun. Just been too busy. Anyway, good news is that I have been doing real well on tracking my expenses.  I have also gotten over the spending spree I seemed to having over the last few months. I am doing pretty well also on brining my own lunch to work. My next goal is to plan my weekly meals and stick to it. So, without futher delay, even though it’s Tuesday already, here’s my meal plan for the rest of the week.


  • Breakfast: Mini Bagel with Brie, grapes, orange juice, coffee
  • Lunch: Amy’s Mac n Cheese, half an apple
  • Snack: Yogurt
  • Dinner: Curry chicken,rice,sautĂ©d potato sticks


  • Breakfast: Mini Bagel with Brie, oatmeal. half an apple, grapes, coffee
  • Lunch: Whole wheat elbow macaroni Rice with broccoli, peas and cut up soy sausage
  • Snack before class: Yogurt with Granola
  • Dinner: Something light- maybe a whole wheat tortilla with leftover potato


  • Breakfast: Yogurt and Granola, fruits with Gouda cheese
  • Lunch: ??(Not sure what yet)
  • Dinner: Leftover Chicken and rice


  • Breakfast: Mini Bagel with Brie, Fruits
  • Lunch: Fried rice with veggies
  • Dinner: Leftovers, if not cook something for the whole weekend.

As you can see, I am having a little hard time trying to come up with creative menu. I live by myself so once I cook, I have leftover for 3/4 meals. I need to make sure that I am not getting bored with my leftovers. Any suggestions?


The economy! The presidential debates! Sarah Palin! My God, what is this world coming to? Wink* wink* I think I will run for the US presidency.